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  • Exclusivity- With only 499 examples to come out from Maranello, it is rather unlikely you will be seeing one on the road next to you at the stop light anytime soon.

  • Exterior Design- The timeless Ferrari Barchetta race car inspired design with its tauted flanks and smooth body lines will go down in history as one of Ferrari’s all-time classics.

  • Performance- When you thought that the V12 engine from the Ferrari 812 Superfast is insane, the Ferrari Monza SP1 upped the ante by squeezing in an additional 10 PS. With the absence of the roof, you will definitely feel and hear the presence of all twelve cylinders singing through the quad tailpipes.


  • Practicality- It goes without saying that the Ferrari Monza SP1 is not made with practicality in mind with its severe lack of interior storage space and not to mention the lack of a roof and a windscreen.

  • Price- Exclusivity does come with a price. It costs more than twice as much as the Ferrari 812 Superfast and possibly more taking into account of its price appreciation. But most crucially all 499 unit has been sold out.

  • Overview
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Features
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  • Ride Comfort
  • Fuel Comusmption
  • Conclusion
  • Overview

    Ferrari Monza SP1 Overview

    The Ferrari Monza SP1 is the latest limited production supercar to come out of Maranello. The roofless, windowless speedster is based on the hardcore Ferrari 812 Superfast, inspired by the race-winning Ferrari Barchettas Pininfarina from the late 40s and early 50s. 

    The car marks the start of a new lineage of models from the ‘Icona’ series, an exclusive program aimed at creating limited-series cars inspired by classic Ferrari models. Only 499 unit will be built, and they are all sold out, to only a select group of Ferrari customers and collectors.

    Under the hood is the same front-mid-mounted 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine from the Ferrari 812 Superfast. The single-seater speedster is made almost entirely out of carbon-fibre, tipping the scale at only 1,500 kg. The two-seater SP2 variant adds another 20kg. While it is no Caterham, this does translate to a power to weight ratio of around 550PS per tonne, which, according to Ferrari, is the best power-to-weight ratio of any Barchetta ever built.

  • Exterior

    Ferrari Monza SP1 Design

    Though inspired by classic Ferraris of the past, the Ferrari Monza SP1 looks like something of the future. The absence of a roof and a windscreen exemplifies the simplistic and minimalistic lines of the low-slung speedster. The bodyshell is made entirely out of carbon fibre. Up front, you are greeted by the front-hinged single-piece clamshell bonnet, punctuated only by a single horizontal front grille. Pronounced front wheel arches, vertical headlights and the wide front splitter accentuates the visual width of the car.

    While the Ferrari-patented ‘virtual windshield’ is able to deviate airflow away from the driver, a driver’s helmet is strongly recommended. The single-seater SP1 features a tonneau cover on the passenger side and a tiny scissor door on the driver side, which flips up for a not-so-graceful entrance. Apart from the obvious lack of passenger seat, the SP1 can also be told apart from the SP2 by its asymmetry rear fairing with a single incorporated rollover hoop.

    The tauted flanks are sleek and very pronounced, interrupted only by the side air vent, which pays homage to the Barchetta of old. The minimalist silhouette of the car carries on towards the rear, where you will find a massive yet delicate rear diffuser design which is sculpted around the lower rear of the car, along with Ferrari’s unmistakable quad tailpipes. The distinctive slim tail that light wraps around the rear of the car concludes the overall design of the iconic car.

    Ferrari Monza SP1 Dimension

    Despite all the credential which points towards a track day car, the Ferrari Monza SP1 is hardly a go-cart for the road. The Ferrari Monza SP1 is comparable in terms of its overall size to the Ferrari 812 Superfast, not surprising since they share the same underpinnings. The speedster shares an identical body length as the Ferrari 812 Superfast but gains 25 mm in its width, just 4 mm shy of 2 metres. And for obvious reasons, it rides significantly lower than the ‘normal’ roofed version, 121 mm lower to be exact.

     Length  4,657 mm
     Width  1,996 mm
     Height  1,155 mm
     Wheelbase  2,720 mm


  • Interior

    Ferrari Monza SP1 Interior

    The lack of windscreen means that the driver’s visual horizon is completely unhindered, just like any other single seater race car. This allows the driver to place the front wheel precisely on the tarmac and attack corners with freedom only experienced by a Formula 1 car. The driver is completely encapsulated in an individual driver’s pod, which puts their head just above the horizon line.

    At the driver’s control is a familiar Ferrari F1 style multifunction steering wheel, complete with a pair of oversized column mounted paddle shifters and instrument cluster lifted straight from the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Ferrari’s distinct, yellow-faced tachometer that redlines at a staggering 8,500 RPM takes centre stage, flanked by a pair of configurable digital screens.

    Essential driver controls like transmission, climate control and audio control are located at armrest level. The carbon-fibre single-piece seat is upholstered in fine Italian leather, adding a touch of luxury to an otherwise rather extreme interior. And as to be expected, Interior storage area is virtually nonexistent.

  • Features

    Ferrari Monza SP1 Features

    The virtual windscreen is essentially an aerofoil-shaped aerodynamic passage under the driver’s side aero screen, where the air is accelerated and deflected vertically ahead of the instrument panel. It generates an upwash over the driver’s head which creates a low-speed bubble around the cockpit.

    The button ladened Formula One-style multifunction steering wheel is adorned with a vast array of driver controls which include the turn signals, the cherry-red ignition button, wiper switch, and the iconic Manettino switch. LED shift indicator at the top of the rim illuminate as you approach the V12 screaming redline.

    Underneath the car lies the driving tech from the Ferrari Superfast, highlights include E-Diff 3, F1-Trac, SCM-E with twin solenoid, ESC and ESP that has been specifically calibrated to boost responsiveness. The rear-wheel steering system, also borrowed from the Ferrari 812 Superfast, integrates with the Side Slip Control (SSC5), makes for a more rapid response to steering wheel inputs when introduced to a corner. 

    The tyres are staggered in size, with a 275/30ZR21 rubber up front and an wider 315/30ZR20 tyre at the rear. To get you looking the part in the open top speedster, Ferrari has commissioned luxury fashion brands Loro Piana and Berluti to create exclusive apparel and accessories for the Monza models. All Ferrari Monza SP1 will be delivered with a bespoke ‘pilot suit’, jersey, helmet, glove and driving shoes. 

  • Driving Performance

    Ferrari Monza SP1 Driving Performance


    Underneath the clamshell bonnet is the 6.5 litre naturally aspirated V12 engine from the Ferrari 812 Superfast that has been tuned to generate 10 PS more. Now churning out a total of 810 PS at 8,500 RPM and 719 Nm of torque from 7,000 rpm, making it at the time, the most powerful factory Ferrari V12 road cars ever produced.

    0-100km/h is dealt with in just 2.9s, and to 200 km/h in an eye watering 7.9s. The top speed is vaguely rated at over 300km/h. Helmet is once again strongly recommended. Technical highlights include a 350-bar direct injection system seen for the first time on a high-performance petrol engine, paired with variable geometry intake tracts conceptually derived from a naturally aspirated Formula One engine.


    Power is sent to the rear wheels only via F1 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Integration of F1-Trac and electronic differential (E-Diff3) optimizes traction and torque delivery to the outside and inside rear wheels depending on the Manettino switch position. 

  • Ride Comfort

    Ferrari Monza SP1 Ride Comfort

    The Ferrari Monza SP1 comes fitted with the same magnetorheological damping system (SCM-E) on the Ferrari 812 Superfast, which helps reduce roll while improving absorption of road imperfections. The ride is surprisingly supple, and that is before pressing the bumpy road damper button on the centre console.

  • Fuel Comusmption

    Ferrari Monza SP1 Fuel Consumption

    The Ferrari Monza SP1 registers a fuel consumption figure of 16.1 L/100 km on a combined cycle.

  • Conclusion

    Ferrari Monza SP1 Conclusion

    The Ferrari Monza SP1 may not make a lot of sense, especially with its severe lack of practicality and essentially sunny-weather only drive. But that is not what the speedster is all about. It’s a one-of-a-kind car designed to assault all of your senses. It delivers an unadulterated road feel like no others and you are exposed to the elements quite literally. The V12 screaming soundtrack is unfiltered and it is as raw as it gets. It is one of the closest things you can find to driving a Formula One racing car. 

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