The Japanese market all-new Toyota Corolla is smaller than ours

Eric/Oct 01, 2019 10:05 AM

2020 Toyota Corolla front

The recently-introduced sedan and wagon variants of the all-new Toyota Corolla are physically smaller than other markets.

No, really.

2020 Toyota Corolla front

These shrunken Toyota Corolla models are exclusive to Japan, where cars are taxed based on body size.

In terms of dimensions, the Japanese market Toyota Corolla sedan’s length is 4,495 mm, 135 mm shorter than the international model. Its 1,745 mm width is 35 mm less than the international model. Furthermore, the Japanese market Toyota Corolla’s wheelbase is also 60 mm less than the international model, which comes in at 2,640 mm.

2020 Toyota Corolla front

The same can be said for the Corolla Touring, as its length of 4,495 mm is 155 mm less than the international model. Its width is 45 mm shorter and wheelbase is 60 mm shorter than the international model. Similar to the Toyota Corolla sedan, the Touring variant’s height remains unchanged.

2020 Toyota Corolla front

Visually, the Japanese market Toyota Corolla features a different front grille than the international model, as it loses the Toyota emblem up front.

2020 Toyota Corolla emblem

In its place is a fancy-looking C emblem, with the blue backing denoting hybrid variants and black backing for regular petrol variants.

For the Japanese market, Toyota is offering three powertrain options with the all-new Toyota Corolla:

  • 1.8-litre 2ZR-FAE naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol, mated to a Super CVT-i
  • 1.2-litre 8NR-FTS direct-injection turbocharged four-cylinder petrol, mated to a 6-speed manual or Super CVT-i
  • 1.8-litre 2ZR-FXE Toyota Hybrid System II, mated to an eCVT

2020 Toyota Corolla dashboard

Depending on the powertrain, power is sent to either the front wheels or all four wheels, with the four-wheel drive version being exclusive with the hybrid variant.

2020 Toyota Corolla Apple CarPlay

Equipment wise, Toyota has finally provided support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on its models, and the all-new Toyota Corolla is no exception. The all-new Toyota Corolla also gets Toyota’s Safety Sense suite of advanced driver assistance features.

2020 Toyota Corolla front

Prices start from JPY 1,936,000 for the Corolla G-X, and tops out at JPY 2,997,500 for the Toyota Corolla Touring Hybrid WxB.

In terms of monthly sales target for the Japanese market, Toyota expects to sell 1,700 units of the Toyota Corolla, 5,400 units of the Corolla Touring, and 2,300 units of the Corolla Sport. The Corolla and Corolla Touring are assembled at Toyota’s Takaoka Plant, while the Corolla Sport is assembled at Toyota’s Tsutsumi Plant.