Leaked: New 2020 G30 BMW 5 Series variants exposed, which is your pick?

Eric · May 14, 2020 07:34 PM

Back in late-April, photos of the upcoming 2020 G20 BMW 5 Series facelift leaked out, giving us a sneak peak of BMW’s executive sedan in its M Sport trim.

Courtesy of Autohome, we now have a good look at other variants of the new 5 Series facelift, including the plug-in hybrid version.

For the first time ever, not only do we have a good look at the new 5 Series in its Luxury trim, but we also know what other options one can get with the new model.

Two styling packages are available in China – M Sport and Luxury, differentiated by the design of the front and rear bumpers as well as wheel design.

Furthermore, BMW’s joint venture in China, BMW Brilliance will also offer a “Shadow Line” package on the new 5 Series, which swaps out the chrome trim for gloss black trim, which extends to the front grille and side window trim.

Other options we noticed include BMW Laserlight headlights (standard headlights are adaptive LEDs), a larger panoramic moonroof, 360-degree camera, puddle lights, and various wheel designs.

Apart from the petrol-powered variants, BMW Brilliance is also set to introduce the 530Le, the plug-in hybrid version of the 5 Series.

The upcoming BMW 530Le plug-in hybrid can be had with the same options as the regular petrol-powered 5 Series, though the 530Le is fitted, likely as standard, with plug-in hybrid-specific alloy wheels.

Dimension wise, the China-market BMW 5 Series is 5,106 mm long, 1,868 mm wide, and 1,500 mm tall. The L suffix in the model name indicates that the 5 Series in China is a long wheelbase model, as it gets a 3,105 mm wheelbase, 130 mm more than other markets. BMW Brilliance does not sell the regular (short wheelbase) version of the 5 Series in China.

Considering the sheer number of leaks, we reckon that an official launch is just around the corner. Stay tuned.