Rendered: Does the Proton Saga deserve an R3 edition?

Arif · Dec 20, 2020 01:00 PM

It has been 35 years since the debut of the Proton Saga to the world. It was Proton’s first car and the name still stands today. Back in November 2020, an image of a stitched “R3 limited edition” logo was leaked hinting it a possible R3 car – either the Proton Iriz R3 or the Proton Saga R3.

In celebration of 35 years of the Proton Saga, there was a limited run of the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition.

Walk through the generations of the Proton Saga here

The response was overwhelming as all 1,100 units of the car were sold out in 5 days. The Proton Saga Anniversary Edition offered purely cosmetic enhancements only.

Last year, Proton Chief Designer, Azlan Othman has mentioned of the “R3 Sports”, Lifestyle” and “Design” packages that could be offered to Proton cars.

Sources have mentioned that the R3 Sports package could possibly offer a 30% boost in performance. The R3 division has created some amazing cars and we hope to see a glimpse of that again if a Proton Saga R3 were to become a reality.

We’ve given the Proton Saga a livery that you’re probably familiar with. It does come from the Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing, minus the carbon fibre hood.

Mind you, we are not the first to render such an image of the Proton Saga R3. In fact, Luqmanul Razali, a Proton Saga owner, has done it in reality, albeit with the pre-"infinite weave" Proton Saga.

Someone already made a real version. Photo: Luqmanul Razali/ Kim Production

Should Proton make the Proton Saga R3 a reality? Let us know what you think.