Is there a city car with a better interior than this all-new Honda Jazz?

By now you would’ve seen the all-new Honda Jazz, which made its world premiere yesterday at the opening of the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show in Japan, where the Jazz is sold as the Fit.

The fourth generation Honda Jazz will only go on sale in Japan in February 2020 so details like body dimensions and engine specifications are still unclear, but we do know that in Japan (and Europe), the all-new Honda Jazz will be sold exclusively as a hybrid.

It will most likely be a 1.5-litre full hybrid but unlike the outgoing model’s single motor i-DCD (Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive), the new model will use a scaled down version of the Honda Accord and CR-V’s two-motor i-MMD, which has since been rebranded as Honda e:HEV, short for Hybrid Electric Vehicle. No this is not an electric vehicle you don't need to charge. Electric here refers to electrified drivetrain, e.g. hybrid.

Like all previous generations of Jazz, the all-new model continues to set the benchmark for offering the biggest interior in its class. Nevermind its other segment rivals, the Honda Jazz’s interior is more spacious than even a Toyota Corolla, which sits one segment higher.

Body stabilizing seats is the first for a Honda. Note the luxury car-style headrests. The Jazz is the first Honda to feature the new seats, to be used by future, higher range Honda models.   

New for this generation is a body-stabilizing seat, which will later be introduced in other more expensive Honda models, provides better support by using larger and thicker seat paddings (not common in this segment). Even the headrest have a noticeably German-style to it.    

In Japan, there are five variants on offer – Basic, Home, (Fit) Ness, Crosstar, and Luxe. We take a closer look at the inside of the highest specifications Luxe variant, which features a two-tone, leather wrapped interior.

Infotainment head unit is a free-standing screen, by Gathers, and is only for Japan. Overseas models may use a different head unit

Retro-looking two-spoke steering wheel is cool, similar to the one used by the Honda e.

No more mechanical handbrake. All-new Honda Jazz uses electric parking brake. Brake Hold convenient in long queues at traffic lights.

Outgoing model's touch panel air-conditioning controls replaced by knobs (with premium looking bezels). Good because mechanical controls are easier to operate while driving.

Comes with a wireless charger for your smartphone, but unlike the Toyota Corolla Altis, this one secures your phone.

Instrument panel looks unusually small. We will only see how the display looks like when the car is launched next year.

Nice practical touch. Depending on your phone's size, might not need a phone holder anymore.

Don't need to measure. It's bigger and more practical than even some C-segment models. Seats flip upwards too to fit tall cargo (book shelf or TV for example)

The Japanese call it the Honda Fit. It fits more than many bigger SUVs and MPVs, but yet consumes less fuel and is a lot easier to park.

You won't find a bigger boot in any other B-segment hatchback

Japanese market model doesn't come with a spare wheel. Japanese drivers prefer a two-tier boot floor. Underfloor bin perfect for wet items.

Side profile reminds us of the previous generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class, except that this has a far more practical interior

Without a grille, the 'Pokemon' face takes a while to get used to, but it looks a lot better when seen in person. We have and we love it. 

Apart from the leather upholstery, the other variants of the Jazz feature more or less the same interior as the Luxe. Even the ones with fabric seats feels like they come from higher range cars from one-segment above it. You can view the different variants here.

As the all-new fourth generation Honda Jazz won't go on sale in Japan until February 2020, we don't expect it to arrive in Malaysia before 2021. Additional time is needed to prepare for local assembly. In any case, production needs to start in Thailand first before Malaysia can assemble it, as many of the required parts are produced in Thailand. 

Honda Jazz
Honda Jazz