Proton Saga vs Perodua Myvi: Which one retains its value better?

Eric · Jul 18, 2020 02:00 PM

Ah, the age-old debate amongst Proton Saga and Perodua Myvi owners: which one of these two popular models in Malaysia have stronger resale value?

Thanks to Carsome, they've released data for some of Malaysia’s popular cars, which includes the aforementioned Perodua Myvi and Proton Saga.

Keep in mind that Carsome's data is most accurate as they calculate based on the actual transaction prices of the cars. Prices you see on Mudah and Carlist are not the prices you get when you sell your car to a dealer.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

According to Carsome’s data, a 3-year old Perodua Myvi retains 65% of its original value, slightly below a similar-aged Proton Saga, which retains 71% of its original value.

That being said, once the car’s age hits the 5-year old mark, the Perodua Myvi is able to retain 53% of its original value, as opposed to the Saga, which sees a much bigger drop, retaining only 47% of its original value.

The bigger drop in a used Saga's value is also a reflection that warranty is important for those looking for one, but less so for used Myvi buyers. 

Also keep in mind that a 5-year old Proton Saga will be the BLM/FLX-generation model, not the current-generation model, so no stability control for you. 

So is it true that the Perodua Myvi retains its value better than a Proton Saga?

Well, yes and no.

A 3-year old Proton Saga retains its value better than a similar-aged Perodua Myvi, but once the car hits the 5-year mark, the Perodua Myvi holds its value better. 

For a 3-year old car, the Proton Saga holds its value better, but if you're looking at a 5-year car, then the Perodua Myvi holds its value better.