Daihatsu Rocky! Perodua Rocky? Maybe?

Jerrica · Oct 30, 2019 10:00 AM

Daihatsu Rocky spied in Japan

Just last week we spotted a mysterious Daihatsu SUV sitting quietly at a corner of Daihatsu’s Tokyo Motor Show exhibition. There was no name to it but we were pretty sure that the SUV was meant for the South East Asia market. It looks like something that's better suited for our local market than Japan (even though it will still be sold in Japan).

Daihatsu Rocky on trailer

Now Instagram user mr.t.tani in Japan has reportedly spotted the same SUV on trailers out in the open along with the Rocky nameplate clearly visible.

Say hello to the Daihatsu Rocky. Resembling a giant Perodua Myvi on stilts, the Rocky is a brand new model that is said to be the successor of the Terios (5-seater version, not the Indonesian market 7-seater model bearing the same name) to the international market.

Black Daihatsu Rocky

We already know how the Rocky looks like in red, now from the spy shots we can see how the car would look like in cooler colours like silver and black as well.

Silver Daihatsu Rocky

Any guesses on what Perodua will name their (maybe) new compact SUV? Perodua Rocky seem to have a nice ring to it!

Instagram post of Daihatsu Rocky on Trailer

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