Why is there only 1 rear fog lamp on my car?

Jerrica · Oct 24, 2019 04:27 PM

Did you know that the car with the cheapest car with fog lamps is the Kia Picanto 1.2 EX?

When the car was launched earlier this year, the new generation joined the ranks of having at least 1 fog lamp on it’s rear end.

While it seems like fog lamps are common placed items, it’s actually not something that all cars have installed as regulations have yet make it a “must-have” yet.

So now you know that one of the selling points in the Picanto is that the car has 1 fog lamp that replaces the second reverse light much like the Toyota Prius and Nissan Almera.

Having 1 fog lamp instead of 2 is actually a means for car manufacturers to reduce the building cost of the car.

Usually in this practice, the rear fog lamp is required to be built on the driver’s side of the car. So in Malaysia, cars with 1 fog lamp will have it installed on the right side.

But speaking of which, why do you even need fog lamps? Well, a fog lamp is used to further illuminate the path ahead giving you better visibility in addition to your head and tail lights.

While this is not a set regulation, driving lessons in the UK teaches drivers that the fog lamps are required to be turned on when visibility drops below 100m.

Can’t tell how far is 100m? The easiest indication is when you can’t see the rear lights of the car ahead of you!

Currently, Malaysia is experiencing apocalyptic rainy season, causing a massive visibility problem that drivers could barely tell if there is a car in front of them.

This is the perfect example of when to turn on your fog lamps. Just search for the fog lamp symbol to switch them on.

But take note as the green symbol meant that you’ve only turned on the front fog lamps!

Keep turning the stalk or pressing the button a little longer until the fog lamp symbol turns orange, this is the indication that your rear fog lamp is on as well!

Now you know when to use your front and rear fog lamps! If your car is not equipped with any fog lamps, unfortunately you will have to rely on your good old fashion head lamps.

Please note, that doesn’t give you the excuse to turn on your hazard lights in low visibility though…