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  • How much is Hilux single cab?

    Toyota Hilux Single Cab Price, Fuel Consumption & Specs Model Price Fuel Consumption TOYOTA HILUX .9 2.0 VVTi S AC R322 900 9.24 l/100km TOYOTA HILUX .9 2.7 VVTi RB S R404 300 10.70 l/100km TOYOTA HILUX .9 2.4 GD S R353 700 7.10 l/100km TOYOTA HILUX .9 2.4 GD S AC R363 200 7.10 l/100km 9 more rows
  • What is the price of Toyota Hilux in Kenya?

    KSh5,700,000. Find Toyota Hilux vehicles for sale by owner or from a trusted dealer in Kenya. Compare prices, features & photos.
  • What is the price of Toyota Hilux 2020 in Nigeria?

    Toyota Hilux Price in Nigeria No. Toyota Hilux model years Nigerian-used prices 2 Toyota Hilux 2018 ₦11,500,000 - ₦18,500,000 3 2020 Hilux price in Nigeria ₦22,000,000 - ₦31,500,000 4 Toyota Hilux 2015 ₦6,600,000 - ₦15,300,000 5 Toyota Hilux 2010 ₦3,500,000 - ₦8,000,000 1 more row
  • What is the price of Toyota Hilux in Nepal?

    In 2021, variant of Toyota Hilux comes at starting price of Rs. 95 Lakhs in Nepal. ... Price List of Toyota Hilux in Nepal – 2021. Toyota Hilux pickups in Nepal Price Toyota Hilux 2.8 Ltr (2755cc Diesel) Rs. 1.09 Crore 1 more row•Feb 23, 2021
  • What is the cheapest Hilux?

    The cheapest model in the Toyota HiLux range has shot up to $28,990 drive-away, a long way from its previous low of $22,990 drive-away and the most expensive price since this generation went on sale in 2015.Oct 11, 2021
  • How much is Toyota HiLux monthly?

    Monthly payments New Hilux Price – R595,400.Mar 17, 2021
  • What is the price of 2021 Toyota Hilux?

    2021 Toyota Hilux Price GRADE ENGINE PRICE Active 2.4D ₦15.4 million Active 2.4D ₦16.2 million Active 2.4D ₦16.7 million Icon 2.4D ₦18.2 million 7 more rows•Sep 9, 2021
  • What is the cost of a brand new Toyota Hilux?

    PRICES OF BRAND NEW TOYOTA HILUX IN NIGERIA (2021) All things considered, a brand new Toyota Hilux costs between ₦24 million and ₦25 million in Nigeria. This price is contingent upon the model and dealer.May 20, 2021
  • Which is the best pickup in Kenya?

    Top 10 Pickups to Buy in Kenya Toyota Hilux. ... Nissan Hardbody. ... Isuzu D-Max. ... Mazda BT-50. ... Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup. ... VW Amarok. ... Mercedes Benz X-Class. If you want to have a luxury 5 -seater truck, Mercedes Benz X-Class is definitely a good choice. ... Ford Ranger. Another good pickup you can have in Kenya is the Ford Range. More items...•Jun 17, 2021
  • Why is the Toyota Hilux banned in the US?

    You can't buy a Toyota Hilux in America because of something called the Chicken Tax, which is actually a 25% tariff (tax) imposed by the American government on imported brandy, dextrin, potato starch, and light trucks like the Toyota Hilux.
  • What are common problems with Toyota Hilux?

    Hilux Common Problems Turbo Issues. Lack of power and black smoke coming from the exhaust are a few symptoms. ... Misfiring/Starting problems. On Hilux versions with the common rail diesel engines, there are known issues with the fuel injectors. ... Loss of power. ... Crank seal leak. ... 5th gear synchro.
  • How many kms is too many for a Hilux?

    Generally speaking, Toyota diesel's are reliable vehicles from which you could expect around 300,000km of mostly trouble free driving. If the vehicle has a service history and checks out OK (no major crashes, no water imersion, not full of beach sand and salt etc) it should be ok for many more years.Nov 18, 2008
  • Is a Hilux expensive to run?

    RUNNING COSTS* Improved fuel economy and lower emissions mean that the Hilux is even more affordable to run.
  • What is Hilux called in USA?

    Toyota Pickup
  • What does Hilux mean?

    "Hilux" is a combination of "high" and "luxury". "Surf" means large waves which symbolize the expansiveness of the vehicle's utility. May 2,1984. HILUX SPORTS PICKUP. "Hilux" is a combination of "high" and "luxury," and the meaning of "pickup" is the same as in English.
  • What year is the best HiLux?

    1984-1998 – The OLD legendary, reliable SFA (Solid Front Axle) Toyota Hilux. I am sure that these Hiluxes are the ones which earned Toyota the reputation for building the best 4×4 LDV in the world. It is reliable, robust and unstoppable off-road.
  • When should I replace my HiLux injectors?

    Change the injectors every 100,000km as well. This will prevent cracked pistons, clogged oil pick-ups and all associated issues mentioned previously.
  • Are hiluxes good?

    The Toyota HiLux offers a smooth diesel engine, carries big loads comfortably, and tows very well. You can get it with two-wheel drive or dual-range 4WD, and in 4WD trim it is very good off-road. The HiLux comes in a big variety of models, among them comfortable, family-friendly Double-Cabs.