Is it true that another right-hand drive Proton X50 has leaked?

Eric · Jul 01, 2020 06:21 PM

Recently, a suspicious photo began circulating on social media, depicting what appears to be a right-hand drive Proton X50.

But is it real?

Photo credit: The Ajerul

Like the photo we debunked last week, there’s a good chance this photo is a fake.

The biggest giveaway is the left stalk behind the steering wheel, as the wiper stalk is mirrored wrongly. Check out the Proton X70’s wiper stalk for comparison. Note that the Proton X70's wiper stalk is on the right side of the steering, not the left.

Then there’s the somewhat blurry Proton emblem, which looks rather odd, as the rest of the interior is rather sharp.

Photo credit: Amir Firdaus

As we said before, right-hand drive units of the upcoming Proton X50 do exist, but these units are closely guarded by Proton’s engineering team. The engineers will usually cover the car in a black cloth to shut out prying eyes.