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Why I Buy: Say Yes To Vios

Why I Buy · Oct 5, 2020 05:25 PM

** This article is the personal experience of a 2020 Toyota Vios new owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar.

Why I Buy: Say Yes To Vios 01

Detail about car 

- Car Info: Toyota Vios 2020 1.5 AG(AT)

- Colour: Dark Metallic Blue

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- Order Date: 1 September 2020

- Delivery Date: 26 September 2020

- Price: RM 86,132

- Cash Rebate: RM 5,400

- Accessories Rebate: RM 2,800

Reason to buy

  • Exterior:


Projector Halogen

Read Combination Lamps


Front Grille

Color + Plating

Front Fog Lamps


Daytime Running Lights


Wing Mirrors

Power adjustable

Door Outer Handle

Chrome Plated

  • Interior:



Seat Material

Perforated Combination Leather

Why I Buy: Say Yes To Vios 01


Drive Mode Switch

With Sport Mode & Eco Mode

Air Conditioning


Audio Type

Audio (Type)

DVD Player with 6.8" Touch Screen, USB Mirroring, Tuner, HDMI, MP3, Voice Dial, AUX- Jack, Bluetooth® & Reverse Camera

Why I Buy: Say Yes To Vios 02


Audio Speakers


Window Tint

Premium Security & Solar Film

Should I buy a new car?

I wound up asking myself that question years ago. First, I test-drove a few cars and researched them. I decided to get a Toyota Vios. Now I had to choose between buying a new or used car. Here are a few things I debated before choosing a new over a used car and you should too.

  • Cost:

Sure, a new car cost more. But over the long term, not that much more. And the value not just monetarily where it can be much higher.

  • Reliability:

Above all, I wanted to get a car that would not break down. I had enough stuff going on in my life and I want to avoid car-repair issues (time, money) as much as possible. I was willing to pay slightly more for this certainty.

  • Resale Value:

One of my friends bought a Vios for 80,000, drove it for about seven years, and then sold it for 50% of the price. That means he got a fantastic deal on driving a new car for seven years. You will be surprised how quickly most cars depreciate and how others (Toyotas and Hondas especially) retain their value.

  • Insurance:

The insurance rates are lower for a new car compared to a used car. Even if they are only slightly different that can add up to real savings over a few years.

  • Showroom

I took my car from Toyota Bukit Tinggi, Klang. Mr.Dharan is the sales person who explained about the car features. At first, I had a phone conversation with him, then I decided to go to the showroom to experience myself driving brand new Toyota Vios. I had a good time there even it took me about 45 minutes to reach Klang.

Test Drive Feel

  • Pros:

For me Toyota Vios is a nice car to drive. It’s gentle and mature best describes the drive. If you are not expecting sprightly, leap off the line' performance, you won't be disappointed in its calm demeanour.

The response is good, and the nicely calibrated brakes inspire confidence with adequate stopping power and easy-to-understand modulation.

Why I Buy: Say Yes To Vios 03

Coming from its predecessor, the steering wheel is noticeably stiffer with a nice heft to it. What this means is that it is less vague, and you know where the front tyres are pointing towards.

The handling's good, but then again do not expect darty. Suspension is soft, and that combined with its good steering feel - makes it a competent and safe car.

If you are the driver, you will find it easy and most importantly, not tiring to drive on long journeys. If you are being driven however, it is a smooth and comfortable ride.

Another factor that plays into the Vios nature is its decent powertrain. At 110 km/h, the engine trundles along at just 1,900 rpm - good numbers for fuel economy, less noise and ultimately a pleasant ride.

The Vios comes with 7 airbags, stability control (VSC) and traction control (TC), in addition to the customary anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) and brake assist (BA) across the range.

  • Cons

Why I Buy: Say Yes To Vios 04

It has an annoying BSM. The BSM does its job, but it is a little hyperactive. Its shrill beeps alert you to hidden objects, but its jumpy in the sense that it beeps every time you use the indicator - even if nothing is there.

The incessant beeps get old quick, and it renders the car's otherwise quiet cabin moot at times.

Why I Buy: Say Yes To Vios 05

195/50 R16, Alloy

Five people can sit comfortably, but your carry-along will complain. There is eight cupholders (one on each door, a pair on the centre console, centre and rear armrest) but that's about it really.

Why I Buy: Say Yes To Vios 06

4-cylinder, In-line, 16-valve, DOHC with Dual VVT-i

Worst among all must be the lack of space where you would expect them to be. For example, the centre stack and centre console.

There are no real places to keep small items (say, parking cards), save for two cupholders in front. Other than cubby holes, space at the back is another issue. 

Why I Buy: Say Yes To Vios 07

Interior View


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