This Lexus-inspired Innova sure looks INNOVA-tive!

CY Foong · Jul 07, 2020 11:20 AM

Ever saw your Toyota Innova on the driveway and thought of transforming it into a Lexus? Well, now you can turn those dreams into reality with this neat body kit!

Someone in Vietnam thought that it was unfair that only the Alphard got the Lexus makeover, so why not the humble Innova too?

And that’s exactly what they did. This Toyota Innova Crysta as it is called in some markets like India and Thailand was found online by the Vietnamese site, Zing News.

It is only visual modifications for this Lexus Innova as everything remains unchanged underneath. The most striking look at the front is the Lexus-inspired front grille which is finished in gloss black. There are also boomerang-shaped housings on the bumper which hold the fog lamps and LED DRLs.

Additional skirting on the side, larger wheels. and lower profile tyres give this Innova a very sporty look.

Around the back, the sporty look continues with a redesigned bumper with silver highlights and a pair of faux exhausts.

According to the site, the body kit is made in Thailand and costs 40 million Vietnamese dong (around RM 7,400) while installation will cost an additional 5 million Vietnamese dong (around RM923). It takes 16 days to assemble it. Does this look inspire you to transform your Innova into a Lexus?

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