Toyota Vios vs Honda City; How do they compare?

Jerrica · Jan 29, 2020 07:35 PM

Honda City vs Toyota Vios equipment list

The hottest car segment is undeniably the B-segment sedans. You can’t talk about the Honda City without mentioning the Toyota Vios and likewise. But have you ever compared the two cars’ equipment list side by side?

2017 Honda City V and Toyota Vios G equipment comparison

For this comparison, we compare the range topping Toyota Vios G variant against the Honda City V variant and City Hybrid as well.

Honda City Hybrid and Toyota Vios G equipment comparison

Toyota made a huge mark when they debuted the Vios in 2003, but the third generation, unfortunately, let the model down allowing the City to take home the crown as the crowd favourite.

2018 Toyota Vios G details

Since the launch of the fourth generation in 2014, the City has been the reigning best-selling non-national car. The launch of a hybrid variant in 2017 only further improved the City’s popularity amongst car buyers and it helps that the sedan had no worthy competitor to give it a run for its money.

2017 Honda City V and Hybrid vs Toyota Vios G interior comparison

But all that changed with the arrival of the updated Toyota Vios in 2018. Not only does the car look radically different than the pre-facelift, it also came with an equipment list that made enthusiasts’ jaws dropped.

2019 Toyota Vios G Panoramic View Monitor

Panoramic View Monitor is available on both Toyota Vios G and E variants

Blind-spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert are only the few items on the list that were never before seen on a B-segment car. The Vios also featured 7 airbags and a 360-degree reverse camera, or what Toyota knows as the Panoramic View Monitor.

2017 Honda City engine

Honda City V engine (top), Honda City Hybrid engine

In terms of engine performance, the City is still the winner in the category with 120 PS and 145 Nm on the V variant and a combined output of 139 PS and 170 Nm from the hybrid variant. Who could say no to a powerful yet fuel sipping variant that promises so much fun?

2017 Honda City Hybrid detail

The Toyota Vios might have the more sedated numbers of 107 PS and 140 Nm, but Toyota has done a lot of fine tuning under the metal. So, like its Yaris sibling, the Vios also has a very much more communicative steering rack and better suspensions for that darty drive that has previously been missing in the pre-facelift.

2017 Honda City V details

Both Honda City variants gives you an especially zippy drive, but not only that, you also get super spacious interior. One thing that the Vios still doesn’t sport even in its latest update is rear air-cond vents, a USP that the City still proudly boasts (the VW Vento is the only other car in this segment to come with rear A/C vents).

2017 Honda City vs Toyota Vios space comparison

Interior space comparison; Left Honda City, right Toyota Vios

The Vios measures much wider at 1730 mm compared to both City variants at 1,694 mm, space is not a feature that the Vios can shout about.

2017 Honda City Hybrid details

Despite the lack of space, the Vios still has a quieter cabin though the quietness is punctuated by the incessant beeping of the Blind Spot Monitor. The car also lacks telescopic adjustments for the steering wheel and cruise control, conveniences that both City variants have to offer. 

2017 Honda City V vs Toyota Vios G vs Honda City Hybrid

All 3 cars are pioneers of their class. The City V variant being the pioneer of small cars with ESC while the City Hybrid being the only hybrid of its class. The Toyota Vios, meanwhile, came with safety equipment that were never before seen in more affordable cars in its class.

Pros and Cons Honda City Hybrid vs Toyota Vios G

Pitting 3 cars side by side shows that each car is neck in neck when it comes to equipment. So, to make your pick, it really boils down to what ranks higher in your list.

If it’s comfort and safety than the Toyota Vios is your pick, but if it’s convenience, spaciousness and practicality then the City V would better fit the bill. If fuel efficiency and a brilliant driving experience that you’re looking for, then look towards the City Hybrid!



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