Leaked: Is this the new 2020 Toyota Hilux GR Sport? Malaysia launch possible?

Eric/May 20, 2020 07:44 PM

About a month ago, photos of the new 2020 Toyota Hilux facelift were leaked onto the internet, giving us a good look at how Toyota’s popular pick-up truck will look like.

Now, even more photos have found their way to the internet. Not only do these photos provide more details such as wheel designs, it also gives us a (albeit blurry) look at a sportier Hilux variant.

Regular Hilux variant

Compared to the regular Hilux, the sportier Hilux seen here gets a blacked-out front grille, as well as a more muscular skid plate. Large black wheels also help visually separate the sportier Hilux from the regular model.

Apart from the exterior changes, the interior of the new Hilux is also expected to receive some improvements.

Toyota could be launching the new Hilux facelift in Thailand later this year. As for Malaysia, we may need to wait till 2021 before the model is launched here.

Photo credit: MZ Crazy Cars